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All these years, I've had Tash. At first, he was just a generica red fox; a one tailed Tails recolor with pyrokinesis. Then, it changed, gradually, over the course of five years. I made characters, fused them, smashed them together, until eventually, a blue coyote named Zero and Tash were melded. Tash lost his fire, and gained another cliche power: Chaos Energy. He stuck with this for close to a year. Then, a massive event happened:
My universe broke from the Sonic universe.
Chaos powers would no longer do, considering on the new world they didn't exist. So, I came up with a new concept: Burst. Concentrated energy connected to real energy forms: Thermal, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Wind, Solar, Atomic, Radiant, Kinetic, Sound, Gravitational; as well as two new additions by me: Life Burst, a collective of the energies of life, and Death burst, the absence of all Burst.
Tash was granted at least 3 of these types, but HOW?
That's where my explanation ends for tonight. Check out my Sprite Showcase, you won't find it on my profile, it's hidden.
LINK: http://derespriteshow.smackjeeves.com/

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