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Tobi's Log 01

Day 1
Date: September 28th, 4694 PBD

It was just a few days ago that the Burst Enhancement Experimental Program began here at Myriad. All participants have been backed up with clones and all fail-safes were in place. Me and my team were a little disappointed that we weren't placed on a team, but today I received an Email from the CEO of Myriad himself.
To sum it up, there was one experiment that wasn't numbered along with the other 158. His name is Tash Verixal, the son of the great Ilori Verixal, my idol, the one who discovered that Burst could be harnessed. He recently passed away. His son decided to help the advancement of mankind with Burst himself by literally risking his own life to have untested procedures performed on him.
Despite a genetic rarity disallowing cloning, Tash entered the program. He has been codenamed Experiment ZERO, to denote that he isn't numbered.
Me and my team of 5 will begin experimentation tomorrow.

ZERO team:
Tobi Bloom (PREBEEP 01)- Project Leader, Scribe
Solari Grey (PREBEEP 05)- Vitality Monitering
Skierie Alyxandra- Burst Energy expert
Rikardo Grey (PREBEEP 04)- Genetic Modifications
Talys Evyrhart- Genetic Modifications
Zyx Hailwright (PREBEEP 10)- Mechanical Operations

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